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What is the Culture-Libre foundation

Culture-Libre is a non-profit organisation organized under the local laws of Alsace, France and physically located à Strasbourg, Alsace, France. Its main goal is to encourage everyone to develope, share and publish works under free licenses.

Why culture-libre ?

The foundation was born from the will to give back recognition for their social virtues to knowledge and culture.

Indeed, it starts from the premise that:

  • The commodification of culture and knowledge relays them to the level of a consumer product;
  • They lose their first roles of cultural heritage and means of individuals expression.


Specifically, the association has the following goals:

  • Public Information
  • Publication of works under free licenses
  • Archiving of works under free licenses
  • Support authors
  • Organization of events (concerts, expositions, etc.).


Free Licenses

We name a free license any text which grants on a intellectual work to at anyone at any time and any place without commercial restriction, rights to :

  • use it without any restriction,
  • study it,
  • publish it,
  • copy it, change copies and publish this copies and this changes

Free Work

By extension we call a free work, any work under a free license.


By mail

Association culture-libre
29 rue de Wasselonne
67000 Strasbourg

By e-mail

For any remark about the site, please contact webmaster at culture-libre dot org.

For questions, remarks and suggestions about the foundation, please contact contact at culture-libre dot org.

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