Rotarians (1927)

La culture en toute liberté.
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Auteurs de l'œuvre originale : Gilbert Keith Chesterton

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The Symbol
     The speaking at the Rotary is Praise devoid of Proof
     The talking at the Rotary turns mostly on the oof
     But both require an Emblem; and a Wheel is just the thing
     When you argue in a circle and do business in a Ring.

At a Rotarian Lunch
     Broken on another wheel than Rotary
     St. Catherine's body set her spirit free
     Here rests the body that the soul may squirm
     In all joints broken to a jointless worm.

A Declaration of Dependence
     The Jeffersonian justice which
     Degenerate hucksters quote
     Republicans have had by right
     Rotarians by rote.

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