The sound which rings on the world

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Informations légales

Cette œuvre est basée sur une œuvre originale sous licence art libre.

Source :

Auteurs de l'œuvre originale : psychoslave

Licences : N/A


Sur l'air de «the house of the rising sun».

There is a sound which rings on the world They named the battle call It's been the ruin of many a poor man And me my son, I'm one

And they use the feelings they placed in my heart To make me kill my next This man I never saw And yet we are each other sorrow

See her cry 'cause she were my wife But now she's a widow We will no longer share our life Nor will I have the joy to see you grow

So please my soon the day that they come Asking their orders to follow Refuse to walk this path to shadow And just tell them to leave you alone.

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