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AC DC Albums Here's full discography of popular Australian hard rock band, AC DC albums The band features brothers Angus and Malcolm Young along with vocalist Brian Johnson, bassist Mark Evans, and drummer Phil Rudd.From the time AC/DC released their first studio album in 1974, fans have not been disappointed. Which has a total of 14 albums released worldwide. You will find 4 AC DC albums which may have only been distributed in Australia.As much as soundtracks go, AC/DC has released two additionally three live recordings. Have to see the band jointly? Luckily there's a total of 12 video collections feature concerts, music videos and two box sets.You will find a bunch of AC/DC singles but no greatest hits packages. The band refused release this sort of compilation and only came close with Who Made Who (the soundtrack to Stephen King's Maximum Overdrive) and Iron Man 2 that's a compilation of the band's various live recordings.You would not find AC DC albums intended for instant download on iTunes either mainly because they don't want individual tracks downloaded. The band believes that each one of the songs upon their albums should stay together.Instead they only allow downloads from Verizon where they can guarantee their albums are downloaded the way in which they need and want ? in their entirety.There has also been well above 200 AC DC albums sold around the globe in the course of the band's 36 year career. In the United States alone accounts for about 71 million sales.Their best selling album, In Black sold 49 million albums worldwide and is also the #2 top selling album on earth.There are a total of 18 studio albums, 5 live albums, 1 EPs, 46 singles, 12 video albums, 2 box sets. We have here a list so that you can marvel at.18 STUDIO ALBUMS:1. High Voltage (Australia) - Released February 17, 1975 2. T.N.T. (Australia) - Released December 1975 3. High Voltage (International) - Released May 14, 1976 4. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Australia) - Released September 20, 1976 5. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (International) - Released December 17, 1976 6. Let There Be Rock (Australia) - Released March 21, 1977 7. Let There Be Rock (International) ? Released June 23, 1977 8. Powerage - Released May 25, 1978 9. Highway to Hell - Released July 27, 1979 10. In Black - Released July 25, 1980 11. For Those On the brink of Rock We Salute You - Released November 23, 1981 12. Flick of a typical Switch - Released August 15, 1983 13. Fly attached to the wall - Released June 28, 1985 14. Enlarge Your Video - Released February 1, 1988 15. The Razors Edge - Released September 24, 1990 16. Ballbreaker - Released September 22, 1995 17. Stiff Upper Lip - Released February 25, 2000 18. Black Ice - Released October 20, 2008SOUNDTRACK ALBUMS:1. Who Made Who - Released May 24, 1996 2. Iron Man 2 - Released April 19, 2010LIVE ALBUMS:1. If You Want Blood You've Got It - Released October 13, 1978 2. Live - Released: October 27, 1992 3. Live: 2 CD Collector's Edition - Released October 27, 1992 4. Live out of your Atlantic Studios - Released November 14, 1997 5. Let There Be Rock: The Movie - Released November 4, 1997BOX SETS:1. Bonfire - Released November 1997 and includes Live coming from the Atlantic Studios, Let There Be Rock: The Movie, Volts, and Back in Black2. Backtracks - Released November 10, 2009 and includes Disc 1: Studio Rarities (CD), Disc 2: Live Rarities (CD), Disc 3: Live Rarities (CD), Family Jewels Disc Three (DVD), Live for the Circus Krone (DVD), Studio Rarities (LP)For more useful tips visit our website http://www.myvawoom.com/

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