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Domestic violence against men - the embarrassing truth.

Domestic violence against men is far from at all timesstraightforward to detect, but it is usually a life-threatening threat to the abused person. How do you know if either you or someone you know is being abused in such as way as to be viewed as a victim of "domestic violence?" And where can you or they go to get advice confidentially?

Beleive it or not, the fact is that women are not the only victims of domestic violence.

What are the warning signs of domestic violence against men?

Domestic violence is also widely known as domestic maltreatment, battering or other spouse or partner violence. It occurs most frequently between people in a intimate relationship. Domestic violence against men can take many various forms, such as psychological, emotional, physical, sexual abuse and invariably the threats of mistreatment. Domestic violence happens without respect to sexual orientation. In fact, it happens in both in heterosexual and same-sex relationships.

Domestic violence against men is often hard to identify. But all too often here is what happens: soon in the new and usually romantic relationship, one person seems very attentive, surprisingly giving and quite exceedingly protective. Soon and in hindsight s/he turns out to be terribly controlling and usually terrifying. In the beginning with that person, the abuse seems as isolated incidents. And that's when the pattern of i'm sorry and assurances to not to do that abusive thing to you ever again.

In some domestic relationships, domestic violence against a man might consist of both persons or partners play-slapping and/or shoving each other around when one or the other gets irritated. Typically neither person sees himself or herself as being abused or controlled. Regardless, the adverse affects of those types of disguised violence, however, it will ruin a relationship and leaving both persons with profound, long-lasting emotional scarring and physical damage.

Domestic violence against men happens both in private and even in public. Here are 17+ warning signs that you might be the victim of domestic violence:

1. Constant, belittling name calling 2. Repeatedly saying hurtful insults or personal put downs 3. Physically prevents you from going out to work or school 4. Slowly and eventually stops or cuts you off from seeing and talking to loved ones, friends, neighbors and especially other people 5. Seeks to restrain how you spend your money 6. Tries to keep control on where you go and even what clothing you wear 7. Is or acts jealous and angrily so 8. Is overly possessive 9. Frequently accuses you of cheating 10. Becomes an angry, beligerent drunk or gets crazy when high on drugs 11. Has a handgun or other dangerous items and uses them to threaten you with violence 12. Has a history of and may still abuse pets or small animals 13. Has hurt you and/or your children or elderly parent(s) 14. Has hit, punched, kicked, choked or otherwise assaulted you while you were sleeping, intoxicated or unable to defend yourself 15. Has raped or forced you to have sex or engage in sex acts against your will (Never takes NO as a NO.) 16. Argues that you are the cause for his or her violent actions or declares you that you therefore deserved the abuse 17. Outwardly to you and especially to others portrays the violence as a joke or just consensual rough sex that it all is no big deal.

To sum up, if either you or someone you know has experienced any of the above signs of domestic abuse, or been the victim of domestic violence, then please stop right now and call your local police department and report them. There are laws prohibiting physical voilence and state and local resources to help and protect male and female victims of domestic violence.

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