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Avoid Foods Rich in Iodine- Foods rich in Iodine are thought to increase your chances for sweaty palms. Next cure that I tried was some kind of lotion I got from the store but this one didn't cure my soaked hands either. This procedure is a trial and tested, proven effective alternative treatment over the years to stop sweaty palms or what is medically known as palmar hyperhidrosis. Iontophoresis is a good and widely practiced cure and technique to cure this embarrassing condition.

Simply soak your palms into separate trays of water and connect the device for 20 minutes. After this I've decided I'll make my own homemade iontophoresis machine. It is a very common thing to experience sweaty palms there are lots of people who sweat a lot. Several home remedies are available which are helpful in reducing this problem.

Now a mild electrical current is passed in the water to cure your sweaty palms.

ETS Surgery is touted by many doctors to have magical healing results immediately after the operation, giving you totally dry palms. If you have ever wondered why your hand sweating has been acting up more often in recent years, think global warming. I've heard of excessive foot sweating result in foot skin disorders that are really brutal with cracking and bleeding. Some people find it effective to use underarms antiperspirant deodorant on their hands.

All I needed to do is to continue with the routine once every three weeks for maintenance. I have been affected by the condition Palmer Hyperhidrosis since right around the time I went Into High School. In this sort of treatment, skinny needles are inserted close to the affected location to promote particular anatomical points. The worse part of it all is that I did develop compensatory sweating on my torso, half my face, groin, and feet.

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