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Overall flexibility and Scalability • Software program compatibility: Cisco NX-OS interoperates with Cisco items managing any variant of the Cisco IOS Computer software operating process. It also interoperates with any networking OS that conforms to the networking expectations listed as supported in this knowledge sheet. • Widespread software program throughout the info middle: Cisco NX-OS simplifies the info center working environment and gives a unified OS intended to run all areas of the information center community, together with storage, virtualization, and Layer three network protocols. • Modular software style and design: Cisco NX-OS is intended to assist dispersed multithreaded processing on symmetric multiprocessors (SMPs), multicore CPUs, and dispersed line-card processors. Computationally intensive duties, this sort of as hardware table programming, can be offloaded to devoted processors distributed across the line cards. Cisco NX-OS modular processes are instantiated on desire, each and every in a different secured memory house. Therefore, processes are started off and process methods allocated only when a function is enabled. The modular procedures are governed by a real-time preemptive scheduler that can help guarantee the timely processing of vital features. • Digital device contexts (VDCs): Cisco NX-OS offers the functionality to section OS and components resources into virtual contexts that emulate digital devices. Every single VDC has its own software procedures, devoted components sources (physical interfaces, VLANs, routing table size, Digital Route Forwarding [VRF], etc.), and unbiased management setting. VDCs are instrumental in the consolidation of separate networks onto a prevalent infrastructure, maintaining the administrative boundary separation and fault-isolation traits of bodily individual networks whilst giving many of the working value advantages of a single infrastructure. Just about every VDC can be restarted without affecting the manage, facts, or conduite plane of other VDCs in the method. • Help for Cisco Nexus Fabric Extender: The Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switch can act as the parent switch for the Cisco Nexus 2248TP GE Fabric Extender, the Cisco Nexus 2224TP GE Fabric Extender, and the Cisco Nexus 2232PP 10GE Fabric Extender. Mainly because it is a logical extension of its father or mother switch, the Cisco Nexus Fabric Extender inherits the functions and benefits provided by the Cisco Nexus 7000 Series. The mixture of the Cisco Nexus 2000 Series Fabric Extenders and Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches moyen the advantages of top-of-rack (ToR) and end-of-row (EoR) network architectures, enabling knowledge facilities to scale the variety of Gigabit Ethernet entry ports, lowering cable runs, and decreasing management points in the network. Availability • Steady program operation: Cisco NX-OS offers constant process operation, permitting preservation, upgrades, and software package certification with out assistance interruption. The mix of process modularity, hitless In-Service Application Upgrade (ISSU) capability, and stateful graceful restart mitigates the results of software program upgrades and other functions. • Hitless ISSU: Hitless ISSU gives the functionality to execute transparent software upgrades on platforms with redundant supervisors, minimizing downtime and enabling clients to integrate the latest functions and capabilities with little or no negative influence on network operation. • Easy development of enhancements and dilemma fixes: The modularity of Cisco NX-OS allows new functions, enhancements, and challenge fixes to be transparently built-in into the software program. These updated photographs can then be installed devoid of disruption employing Cisco ISSU. • Approach survivability: Crucial processes are run in guarded memory room and independently of every single other and the kernel, providing in depth service isolation and fault containment and enabling modular patching and upgrading and quick restartability. Person procedures can be restarted independently without reduction of state details and with out affecting facts forwarding, so that after an up grade or failure, procedures restart in milliseconds devoid of negatively impacting adjacent devices or providers. Procedures with large amounts of state such as IP routing protocols are restarted using specifications-dependent nonstop forwarding (NSF) sleek restart mechanisms other procedures use a neighborhood persistent storage service (PSS) to keep their state. • Stateful supervisor failover: Redundant supervisors are held synchronized at all moments to make it possible for fast stateful supervisor failover. Sophisticated checks are in place to enable guarantee that the state is regular and reputable in the course of the complete dispersed architecture soon after failover happens. • Reputable interprocess communication: Cisco NX-OS facilitates trusted communication between processes to assist assure that all messages are sent and appropriately acted on for the duration of failure and adverse conditions. This communication assists ensure procedure synchronization and state consistency throughout processes that could be instantiated on processors distributed in excess of several supervisors and I/O modules. • Redundant switched Ethernet out-of-band channels (EOBCs): Cisco NX-OS can make complete use of redundant EOBCs for communication between manage and I/O module processors. • Community-based mostly availability: Community convergence is optimized by delivering resources and capabilities to make both failover and fallback transparent and quickly. For instance, Cisco NX-OS provides Spanning Tree Protocol enhancements such as Bridge Protocol Data Device (BPDU) guard, loop guard, root guard, BPDU filters, and bridge assurance to support ensure the wellbeing of the Spanning Tree Protocol management airplane Unidirectional Weblink Detection (UDLD) Protocol NSF graceful restart of routing protocols millisecond timers for 1st-Hop Resiliency Protocol (FHRP) Shortest-Route Initially (SPF) optimizations these kinds of as link-state advertisement (LSA) pacing and incremental SPF IEEE 802.3ad hyperlink aggregation with adjustable timers and Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD). Serviceability • Troubleshooting and diagnostics: Cisco NX-OS is created with one of a kind serviceability functions to help network operators to get early motion primarily based on community tendencies and events, boosting network organizing and improving network operations heart (NOC) and vendor reaction moments. Clever Simply call Household, Cisco Generic On the internet Diagnostics (GOLD), and Cisco Embedded Event Supervisor (EEM) are some of the functions that increase the serviceability of Cisco NX-OS. • Switched Port Analyzer (SPAN): The SPAN feature allows an administrator to evaluate all site visitors involving ports (known as the SPAN supply ports) by nonintrusively directing the SPAN session traffic to a SPAN vacation spot port that has an exterior analyzer connected to it. Encapsulated Remote SPAN (ERSPAN) enables remote monitoring of multiple switches throughout the network by encapsulating SPAN website traffic into a generic routing encapsulation (GRE) tunnel. • Ethanalyzer: Cisco NX-OS contains a developed-in packet analyzer to watch and troubleshoot management- and knowledge-airplane targeted traffic. The packet analyzer is primarily based on the preferred Wireshark open resource community protocol analyzer. • Intelligent Call Home: The Wise Call Home feature repeatedly monitors components and computer software components to present email-dependent notification of crucial system activities. A adaptable range of concept formats is readily available for ideal compatibility with pager companies, standard e mail, and XML-centered automated parsing programs. It presents notify grouping capabilities and customizable vacation spot profiles. This attribute can be utilised, for instance, to right page a network support engineer, ship an e mail concept to a NOC, and hire Cisco AutoNotify expert services to right make a circumstance with the Cisco Technical Assistance Middle (TAC). This function is a stage towards autonomous program operation, enabling networking products to inform IT when a difficulty occurs and assisting make sure that the issue is acted on quickly, minimizing time to resolution and increasing technique uptime. • Cisco GOLD: Cisco GOLD is a suite of diagnostic facilities to verify that hardware and internal information paths are working as developed. Boot-time diagnostics, ongoing monitoring, standby fabric loopback exams, and on-desire and scheduled tests are component of the Cisco GOLD characteristic set. This marketplace-top diagnostics subsystem will allow fast fault isolation and constant system monitoring essential in today's constantly running environments. • Cisco EEM: Cisco EEM is a highly effective unit and method management engineering built-in into Cisco NX-OS. Cisco EEM can help prospects harness the network intelligence intrinsic to the Cisco computer software and permits them to customise habits primarily based on community occasions as they transpire. • Cisco NetFlow: The Cisco NX-OS implementation of NetFlow supports Variants 5 and 9 exports as well as the Versatile NetFlow configuration design and components-based Sampled NetFlow for improved scalability. In addition to Layer 3 NetFlow, Layer 2 NetFlow is supported.416120812

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