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Issues spent any time at all surfing the internet, then you might have seen adomain name. You may not have known, but you can be sure which you've seenone. So the definition of domain names about? Here are some frequent questions along with theanswers. What is that this thing referred to as a website name? It is really a completely distinctive address which usually identifies a collection of internet pages(commonly called a web site site) that are publicly accessible. A domain nameidentifies your website and lets people to access it without knowing thetechnical facts of it really is TCP/IP address or anything else. A good domain namealso notifies people what your blog is about. Is a website name only for web sites? No. A website name also is required for e mail identification. In accessory, otherkinds connected with systems including newsgroups in addition to FTP servers tend to be identified bya website. Why is often a domain brand important? If you develop a web site, you don't absolutely need a website. In fact, the the greater part of people develop a web site on a free host. These freehosts ordinarily have plenty (and in a few circumstances millions) connected with websites to the same sector, each website identified by just a unique name. However, if you've the need to do anything significant on-line, then it is advisable to get your own domain title. Why? It's deemed moreprofessional, it is not very expensive, and most major seek out engineswill not necessarily spider free host internet sites which wouldn't have their own website. What are the components of a domain name? There are 2-3 parts to a domain brand. Let's receive a typical domainname : "internet-tips. net". This web hosting has not one but two parts. The 1st, "internet-tips", is the second-level website. The second part, the ". net"is the top-level website name. You can also have 1 / 3 (or higher) component, called any subdomain. For case in point, "search. internet-tips. net" might be a validsubdomain. The total thing along identifies a web site and also sites. What is often a subdomain for? A subdomain is used to drill down deeper in to a site. For example, a webhost which allows other people to make sites may offer subdomains. Eachsubdomain could be a distinctive site. Subdomains can even be used to identifyfunctions : "search. internet-tips. net" is a good example of your functionoriented subdomain. What include the valid top-level domain names? The existing major top-level names are listed in the dining room table below. Domain Usage.COM Commercial business.EDU 4-year university or college.GOV Government.INT International.MIL Military.NATO NATO field.NET Network related organizations.ORG Non-profit organizationThere are also top-level domain names for countries - these are defined byISO-3166. In addition, new top-level domains are in the process of beingcreated - these are described in "The new domains are coming soon".The intended purpose of the top-level domain is to allow surfers to know,just by looking at the characters, what kind of site they are examining. Forexample, a site with a top level domain of ".EDU" is a university or fouryear college.Unfortunately, restrictions of the use of top-level domains (especially.ORG) has not been enforced. Thus, the divisions between the domain nameshas blurred.How do people get domain names?There are over 200 companies (called Domain Registrars) whose only purposeis to sell you domain names. All you have to do is find one and give themmoney. They will take care of the rest.How much does it cost to get a domain?It depends upon where you get your domain name. You can find many placesthat will register for free in return for some service or product. Some willcharge a yearly fee, some will only charge for the registration itself. Ingeneral, I would not pay more than $35 a year. If you look around, you canget this down to under $10.What about Network Solutions?Until recently, you could only purchase domain names from a company calledNetwork Solutions. You can still purchase your domain name directly fromthem. However, you now have the option of using any of several hundreddifferent companies. It is up to you.How many domain names can a person own?As many as he wants. You do have to be careful about cybersquatting, whichis the practice of purchasing a domain only to block someone else or forcethem to pay you money (it's could be described as domain name extortion).Can domain names be sold or traded?Yes, as long as the rules for cybersquatting are not violated. There areseveral companies who specialize in the buying, selling and bidding ondomain names.Can you have more than one domain name go to the same site?Yes, if your ISP supports it. Actually, some domain registrars will supportthis even if the ISP does not.This, by the way, is a good idea under some conditions. Suppose you have asite which is commonly misspelled. You might purchase your domain and themisspelled domain name, and point them to the same site.It's often a good idea to purchase the ".NET", ".ORG" and ".COM" versions ofyour domain name if they are available. This prevents the problem thatoccurred with the whitehouse - is indeed the whitehouse, is a pornographic site.Many ISPs or web hosts will charge extra for this feature if you do it usingtheir services.What are the qualities of a good domain name?.

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