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Over time we have been involved in foreign trade, the primary goal is The european countries along with the U . s . military-industrial complex. Considering that Last year, global Monetary Influence with the turmoil, bringing about fast reduction of move market place, the sharpened decrease in offshore order placed, one of the most awkward time will be the Early spring Event for you to now, A couple of months, not an order. We will need to return operating home-based business market, however discovered that domestic product sales programs, brand name is actually zero, the introduction of household industry marketplace is also difficult. We also experimented with an authorized to build their very own brand shops, however in the end, Electronic Not realize a lot regarding business, are not aware of online station administration, online Marketing Furthermore not very skilled, with small success. "Recently located in Shenzhen,Inch the entire network regarding home e-commerce advancement forum along with e-commerce industry's 1st small and medium businesses established to encourage union ceremony "on an expert production of military mini-camera companies complained in order to journalists regarding his issues.

Being a traditional companies, small, and channel enterprises inside the Pearl River Delta as well as Yangtze Lake Delta, especially the upload businesses, these people have more alternative: the complete circle e-commerce, e-business product completely different from the regular one particular, one particular with regard to business provide the whole circle, total, entire interaction, tailored one-stop digital Organization Solutions Because of the increasing. Department involving Technology and science bring in the ocean is really a leading e-commerce agencies, the complete network, after 7 years the actual piling up of cellular organization, the Achieving got design involving conventional World wide web and the marine Cell Web, Tencent together again just lately, Everlasting Asia, Closed-circuit television community, Cina Mobile 12,580 clients along with a variety of massive sources, boost supply chain technique, a powerful promotion involving lots of programs in the first Connections, with each other committed to creating home industry traditional routes along with e-commerce SMEs nanny-style "whole circle e-commerce solutions.Inches The whole network marketing style 

personalized e-commerce Cutting-edge In recent years, pushed buyer e-commerce 

to promote economic boost the actual Change has developed into a neighborhood general opinion, a lot more small, and method businesses have begun to expand the actual area with the pomoc komputerowa łęczyca World wide web to make productive pursuit and employ. Files demonstrate that during 2009 The far east Small-scale B2B e-commerce purchases attained One particular.Ninety billion yuan, way up Eighteen.5% year on year, as the expected sized the 2010 SME e-commerce dealings can struck high, achieving 2.Thirty eight trillion yuan.

"The future or perhaps e-commerce, or even companies cannot!In . Costs. Entrance years back, this "prophecy" has now steadily end up being the indisputable information. Alibaba product to the Oriental individuals to know very well what is e-commerce, it can be to open an internet exchanging system pertaining to SMEs to deliver easy circulation regarding enormous buying and selling channels, nevertheless there are several business people in the research, during E, experience the available online shop is simply 10 million from the shop's decrease inside sea. 

"An once-a-year Offer Only the volume of millions of small, and channel corporations, how and where customers Eslite, M18 this specific fresh e-brand opposition. "Own inside Dongguan Garments Plant, desire to produce e-commerce revenue stations regarding Li's personality hoping to create their own clothes model the greatest difficulty stumbled upon may be the advertising regarding channels, payment and also strategies sources, are getting to be their very own needed to "endure" as well as "short panel.Inch 

Department of Transport Party COO Chen Pengfei that many of the SMEs inside transition regarding e-commerce may confront these complaints, classic commerce can be a significant platform-style format, business promote their own organization, however the second era regarding electric business structure they must be tailored. "We will change per business spot, diverse requires, provide you with the suitable e-commerce services, from the beginning of business information towards the settlement system, strategies method, the particular aftermarket method, buyer relationships, this can be a entire business sequence.Inches This revolutionary "all-net e-commerce to" open the different independent company platform for SMEs to fix the particular problem for that traditional. E-service style from the complete circle, not just by way of Coalition program, one-stop search for businesses organization based on the cell podium technology, program and also campaign, but also help enterprises solve completely from unprocessed trash procurement, generation, product sales, submitting and so on section of the difficulty that comes. 

Build coalition causes, expand industry dimension billion dollars 

"We wish your shared three-year interval to at least One hundred members of the excellent frequent units associated with e-commerce companies pertaining to SMEs, at least One hundred urban centers inside e-business services centres, will enter at the very least One hundred,1000 SMEs to supply full services e-commerce, will likely be a minimum of 10 thousand yuan for the SMEs to produce income. "exchange chairman Yang Yong seashore revealed to correspondents the following several years, the event targets from the Union. He also said your Department of Sea Technologies using firms such as Tencent TenPay with each other, provide you with the many cost-effective regarding SMEs, childcare professional entire e-commerce providers, to be able to put into action brand new type of the 2nd generation regarding e-commerce.

"The continuing development of electronic commerce along with the development of more than can be carried out by way of a solitary venture, we must make the most of their particular respective organizations and in many cases inside a few of the prime academic professors, government departments, the combined come together to learn the advantages of digital business, benefit by way of this kind of build a platform with regard to e-commerce. "Eternal Tong, Chairman, Yu Guohui, Gm Organization Community being a 2010-year e-commerce wave. Tencent TenPay assistant gm associated with Yuan also asserted TenPay has the largest online community, and also big groups of QQ users, not merely has a robust consumer group, likewise have the advantage of advertising and advertising channels. In case on the web transaction channels in the standpoint, from the fiscal transaction by means of income pertaining to SMEs in order to save fees, but also in solutions TenPay regarding small and moderate corporations to create custom-made for your business, fitted to their particular continuing development of the support. The service is normal finance institutions can not do, may also be residing in your day-to-day procedure from the venture on the list of working expenses. 

Found that many entrepreneurs inside SME Union Tencent TenPay, Endless Parts of asia and also other powerful to become listed on the bulk of in which, this is the photo in the provide. In the far more foot-wide community of e-commerce program pertaining to SMEs in the quickly street if this journey, the original professional economic system features silently restructured display "Baotuan Union" craze. The particular connections has been proven, the particular forum's planners, v . p . associated with Web Society regarding The far east Gaul Lin additionally explained China's development needs a much more precise e-commerce system, your Coalition objective would be to make an effort to develop business partners, to serve small , moderate domestic enterprises, and additional incorporation from the traditional Web, mobile Internet, e-commerce market string sources, to make win-win program regarding symbiotic. 

3 grams circle time associated with e-commerce every one of the brand new Blue Marine 

Whole community involving electronic 
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