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Mobile Marketing, Local search engine optimization, and Local Marketing -The Facts After all. Mobile devices have drastically shifted the web landscape to the point that in 2012 greater than 50 percent of all Internet access was being done via handhelds of some type. About 45 percent of mobile owners are employing their devices to download social network apps. In fact, 35 % of Android and iPhone owners in the U.S. use apps including Facebook before getting up out of bed, according to a recent survey conducted by telecommunications equipment vendor Ericsson. Several companies use a subdomain set up specifically for cellphones. So, for example, when users type [1] in to a smartphone, the GoNewSocial site actually figures out that they are visiting the site from the mobile device and redirects them. Location-based shopping and native marketing and Local SEO gives companies the opportunity to target these Mobile Customers by giving mobile coupons using mobile devices are gaining popularity. As mobile users are more acclimated to sharing their whereabouts via cellular devices, they're also are becoming more ready to accept receiving ads and mobile coupons strongly related where they are right now. In fact, more than 50 % of respondents established that they wanted to receive location-specific advertising, with mobile coupons a far more appealing incentive than check-ins. GPS and applications such as Google Maps ranked highest then Yelp, Facebook and Foursquare. Mobile Campaigns and Ads Mobile marketing presents a distinct and unique way to create interactive dialogues with customers. Mobile marketing requires matching the creative towards the device's smaller screen size; designing messages which are short, instantly understood, and effective; and creating a call for action with minimal steps. Studies have shown that mobile ads perform about 5 times better than Internet ads. The most typical mobile ads are quite obvious text links and display adds which can be sold based on cost per clicks, cost per acquisition and value per thousand. These ads less difficult like the paid search campaigns on the search engines, Bing or Yahoo! Use mobile marketing answers to drive participation at exhibitions or to drive traffic to retail environments. Make offers that are specific with the buying habits of the mobile customers that is a big opportunity for Local Marketing. Mobile Apps These day there are numerous mobile apps serving up informative tips, educational bits, or pure entertainment or gaming. A lot of companies are using mobile apps to improve brand awareness and affinity. Your company can, too. However, you must have a thorough understanding of your audience. The simplest way to use apps is to create something that is both useful and valuable. Moreover, it should be functional. Some apps make it easy to make purchases with some clicks. For example, the ShopRite app allows customers to view and add weekly sales what to their shopping lists. Monetize Mobile Apps Consider offering a totally free version of your app then let users decide if they are willing purchase a premium version with additional features and content. For example take the widely popular Angry Birds iPhone game. Its ongoing promotion was to offer a free version, while paid subscribers received access to more challenging levels as well as other free add-ons.

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